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Seki Lynch is a literary creative – he writes facts, fiction, poetry and lyrics. He is the author of a work of non-fiction, Ten Drinks that Changed the World, which is a compendium of ten different alcoholic spirits. Seki’s poetry has appeared online and in several print anthologies. He has written poetry for the V&A Museum, inspired by the museum’s collections as well as creating poems to contribute to their Refugee Week programme. The Creative Reactions Festival saw Seki work in collaboration with scientists such as Professor David Nutt to explore interdisciplinary practices. Before the world stopped spinning, he was a regular fixture at the Curious Arts Festival. Even with the globe at a standstill, he reads regularly at Celine’s Salon. He was shortlisted for the Grindstone Literary Poetry prize in 2018. Seki writes lyrics for various genres including blues and rock. He has been working on a novel, Chartreuse, since 2012. It is a meditation on love and romance… You’ll understand then, why it’s taking so bloody long. He currently lives in Leeds. He graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Westminster under the tutelage of Dr Michael Nath.
https://www.instagram.com/seki_lynch/?hl=en (Instagram), https://sekilynch.journoportfolio.com/ (online portfolio)

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