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We’ve been delighted to work with Yorkshire Sound Women Network to support it in developing an effective operational model to deliver to its ambitions.

Having worked with the Network over the past few months, we’ve learned a bit about digital sound technology and a lot about the under representation of women in music and sound production. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has highlighted the continuing failure of the sector to train and retain female employees, particularly given the fact that Britain is expected to need 1.2 million new digital workers by 2022. Women should represent a sizeable proportion of that workforce but UKCES’s model suggests that by 2022, the proportion of workers in the digital sector who are women will have barely risen, to just 30%.

In this context, it’s great to observe the strides that the Network is taking to address and challenge historical and current bias and to develop safe, accessible workshops and masterclasses for girls and women with an interest in sound technologies.

To learn more about the Network, please visit

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