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FACT Veterans in Practice (VIP) evaluation: Supported by core investment from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to meet infrastructural costs and supplemented with funding from other sources to meet the costs of arts activity, Veterans in Practice (VIP) is part of a portfolio of activity through which FACT sought to deliver to the ethos of its Collaboration and Engagement Programme.

The focus of our work was on answering the following questions:

  • Interrogating the impact of ViP on FACT staff, artists, group members and others
  • What are the specific benefits for veterans of engaging in this programme?
  • Is it art or therapy or both?
  • How important were the project processes in delivering the outcomes?
  • What has been learned by key actors in this process?

Veterans in Prison evaluation framework: Another FACT project, the Veterans in Prison project aimed to engage imprisoned armed forces veterans in the development of gaming console technologies. FACT asked us to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework which could be delivered by their own and freelance staff in prison. The framework needed to include tools which could be used by a hugely diverse group of people including artists, workshop leaders, prisoners, prison staff and partners of prisoners.

FACT Tagging Communities evaluation: Delivered by FACT (Foundation for the Arts and Creative Technologies), Tagging Communities sought to develop apps which illuminated the histories and heritage of a number of Liverpool neighbourhoods. We combined a storytelling approach with the development of a robust data collection framework. Over the course of the evaluation we spoke to artists, historians, teachers and primary school children engaged in the work to learn about how they’d experienced participation in the project; circulated and analysed surveys and questionnaires; and produced a comprehensive report.


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