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Unexpected Engagement

Unexpected Engagement


We’ve really enjoyed working on the evaluation of Square Peg – Artlink Hull’s year long disability arts programme – so it was a pleasure to catch up with artist in residence, Jason Wilsher – Mills, at the opening of his multi media exhibition – Unexpected Engagement. It’s a great show and highly recommended; it runs until 6 April at Artlink Hull. To quote Jason,

‘We took the city of culture to the people who really needed it.’

Jason’s approach, inspired by his long history of working with communities, was to engage a wide range of different people in Hull in a series of workshops to enable them to tell their own stories through art. This in turn has influenced the creation of his own work for the exhibition.

It was great also to meet Monique Lock and her family who had travelled up from London for the opening. Monique had attended one of Jason’s workshops and her work features in the exhibition.

The 2017 Engage International Conference: what did we learn?

The 2017 Engage International Conference: what did we learn?

  • Programming a conference is incredibly hard work, made easier by the support of a great team at Engage and Artlink Hull.
  • Online polling is a great tool for harvesting questions and comments for plenaries.
  • Contributors’ feedback has been really positive:

‘…it was a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful event. Thanks for all your hard work, together with Engage and I look forward to seeing the questions that emerge’  (Dr Nigel Morpeth)

‘Thank you for inviting me to participate. I had not attended Conference or known much about Engage before this, so I am now aware of its work and will seek to stay involved with the organisation. Your conference design and prep work was impeccable.’ (Tonya Nelson)

‘I thought all of the discussions I was involved in, informally and through the plenary session, were really useful because you had framed the questions and staring points such that discussions got straight into useful areas, rather than reiterating the same old stuff you often hear at conferences. Well done and thank you once agin for organising such a great conference’ (James Hill)